Top 10: Week of April 20th, 2020

I find that of recent for me the days are just meshing together like a ball of play-dough. All i really know is that I wake up and attempt to feel productive in the day, but ultimately there are days where i hit a grand slam, and days where i question each moment that led to indecision and thus inaction.

However when I have surpassed the urge to just lie around the house all day, I have found that I have met some incredible people (Obviously while social distancing!) and it always seems to be that i go out at the right time to capture that one specific moment. It’s kinda a weird feeling and hard to describe, but it has allowed me to relax into bed each night knowing that today, at least to me, I captured something meaningful. 

So without anymore writing or in any particular order, here are my top images from this week!

Nap Time

Crossing the Bridge

Take Off


College Reflections

In the Window

Patience and Practice

A Walk in the Clouds

Zoom on by

“All that gets me through now is faith.”

Walking around Denton these days is a lot different, but i find that the town still has its charm and life. If anything I am becoming a little more aware of the fine details that make this town what it is. For that I will certainly miss when i leave one day.


Dan Regalado

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