Top 10: Week of June 29th, 2020


This week was a very busy and exciting week for me. Not only did I move my best friend into his new apartment in Austin, I was able to partake in a little family tour with my dad to help him surprise his parents! And throughout all of this I was shooting only film. 

It felt a little scary at times knowing that I had a finite number of shots and would be developing these rolls myself (A skill that I picked up this week). But what I loved was that it allowed me to be a little more present in the moment when taking the photos. I found I was able to be more there. More aware. More receiving of all that was going on inside of my viewfinder. It’s something that I am very appreciative of in these times of lasts and new beginnings. 

So for this top 10 here are some of my first self-shot/developed/scanned images. I will have another post here soon about my family trip so these are some of my favorites street and moving photos!

Pit Stop


All Moved In


Fly Me Away



“I have a show coming up, you should make it out”

A Old Home

City Center

As always, thank you for taking a look :) 


Dan Regalado

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