Welcome to Dan’s Journal

Hello and welcome to me, Daniel Regalado!

If you haven’t read the bio page I’ll summarize here; I’m an upcoming college graduate with no post grad plans who loves people and wants to share his art and love of people with the world. Yeah, I think that sums it up pretty well. :)

So, you are probably wondering what this journal will be? Well it’s gonna be a mixing pot of things. So, here is what I have planned out so far…

 A Weekly Top 10! - Each week on Monday I will showcase my top 10 photographs of the week. These may be street photos, my life, or any events that I am at (Once this quarantine ends…)  It’s my hope that these small collections will overtime showcase my growth as a photographer while also just a large going on catalog of my work (Plus it keeps me creating!)

Small helpful tidbits and Lessons! - I have learned a lot in my years doing photography and over time I hope to share them with you. Whether these are actual techniques or just observations of the craft as a whole this is a small section where I want to be a mentor to people that are just begging their craft!

Story Time - You ever look at a photo and wonder “wow, what is the story behind that!?!?” Well, this is where I will tell that of some of my favorite images I have taken. Some may be elaborate others sometimes the story is quite simple, but it’s my hope that it brings a little more depth to the image and your perception of its contents.

Dan’s Brain Spill - This will just be me typing away about anything. Maybe it’s that latest documentary I watched where that really inspired me, or its just a funny moment from the days musings. This is where you will get to see a little more into the human that is Dan Regalado.

Q&A - Here is where I will answer your questions about anything you’d like! Just fill out your question in the connect form and when I get them I’ll answer them! 

This will be a growing journal over time and maybe my writing skills will also improve because of  it, that would make my dad happy. What will become of this website and journal in a few years… that’s is far beyond me. I just know that whatever it is, it will be great to have a place to catalog it and share it with people who want to follow along in the journey. Cause really at least for where we are now in my life I’m finding a lot of real solace in this quote:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ― Bill Gates

Time to see what I can do.

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