Top 10: Week of June 1st, 2020


I sometimes sit and wonder what I will write here. Do i make it inspirational, do I tell about my week and what I’ve witnessed, or do I just let the images sit by themselves? I truly don’t know most of the time. (It doesn’t help that I try to write this just a mere moments before posting). 

Each image though has a story within it. From the idea, to the trial and error, to the final product: each story is one that relates to me but I hope even more so relates to you. That’s one of the things I love about art: creating images just for the joy that it brings me to create it and then placing it into the world for the world to judge, love, criticize, and all the in between. It shall never be about awards or accolades, just the joy I get from being able to share something that is near and dear to me. 

I hope you find the joy to do the same in a medium of your own.


Daniel Regalado

Black Lives Matter


“Hello from the ISS



Into the light


Fired Up


Light Bath

Using Format