Top 10: Week of June 8th, 2020

Good Morning!

This week was the beginning of many finalizing many new plans as I start my move to Colorado. When I took a minute yesterday to just sit and think of it all, I realized that there is a limited amount of time I have left in Denton with my people. There is limited time to walk these streets and document all Denton has to offer. There is just limited time in everything that I do. 

With that in mind I tried to slow down and look at some details as well as some overarching larger things that I may occasionally over look. Explore new places, and visit old favorites. There is a lot to come in this next month, but It’s my hope to enjoy everything as much as possible. 

The Two Pandemics

“I’d probably say something Buddhist or something, compasion, love.”


Food gives energy , A Meal Gives Love

In Her Eyes

That wasn’t it dad…


Break Time

Over The Bridge

With Friends


Dan Regalado

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