Top 10: Week of May 4th, 2020

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to check out this weeks top 10 photos! 

This week I never felt like I was capturing the images that I wanted to. Each moment seemed to be captured slightly off from how I had envisioned them. 

Starting with the Blue Angels fly by where I missed the shot I had in mind since i mistrusted my gut on lens choice, to even the small moments of street photography, it never felt that the story i was thinking of was the way i was getting the camera to portray it. There were many times where i thought, “am i even gonna have a top 10 to be proud of?” 

Looking back on the week though I’m happy with them. Not because in the moment I had the feeling of “WOW! I got the frame.” but  because now I see some innocence and struggle in my photography journey. A struggle that has high’s and low’s of inspiration and creativity boosts, but was always taken out to document something everyday.

I hope you enjoy this weeks top 10! As always comments and questions are always welcome!

To the Moon

Fly By

Look Ma’




Where Next?




Thanks again for taking the time to look through this mini-gallery.


Daniel Regalado

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