Top 10: Week of October 12th, 2020

This week has been my best week of photography since moving to Colorado. What was different about this week from past? Actually picking up my camera and going out. “Wow! What a simple concept.” you may be thinking to yourself, but it hasn’t been always the forefront of what I wanted to do. But when I found myself rewatching a few YouTube videos by one of my favorite photographers Matt Day, I was remined of why I started the Top 10. It was a way to document my life.

So, yes my life doesn’t necessarily have a lot of people in it right now, but there is still a lot of beauty and light everywhere if I just stop and look for it. So that’s what I did. With a few photo walks planned into my day and carrying my camera with me to a few locations when I went out of the house, I was able to find and capture some images that I am proud of. 

I know when I write these little captions out that it seems to always be a variation on the same story. A struggle to create, and then something pushing me to overcome it. That’s the artist struggle. Each day you have to start the fire again. If any of you have ever tried to create or start a new habit you know the struggle. 

So here we go again at trying to make this stick. If I falter, hold me accountable. (With grace and love please). But as always I hope you enjoy this weeks images. And I hope when you look through you take a moment and appreciate each one. Spend a little time with it instead of the typical social media scroll fast. 

Alright, that’s enough words. I shall now let the images speak.

A Fiery New Day


Side eye…

Explorin’ The Park

Golden Shadows

Setting Home

Windowed Reflections

Colorado @ Pikes Peak Ave.

Aria Regalado 10/18/2020

Dark Waters - Clear Creek Canyon

My Love

For any of you counting that was technically 11 images. The final, not my own, but one I’m grateful my roommate picked up my camera and just snapped. I don’t often end up on the other side of the lens, but when I do… :)


Dan Regalado

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