Top 10: Week of October 19th, 2020

This week was a good week for me. Artistically and Emotionally I was able to find a lot of joy in the work I was creating. Maybe this was partly due to having a better week of communication with people…

Whatever it is, I spent a lot of time trying to see things differently. Trying to see pictures and scenes as beautiful for what they are. “Not every image needs a person” was a mantra for the week. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t still people watching as I do, but I found the time to just appreciate all the visual beauty around me. Photography after all is just light drawing and the light was making itself available in many beautiful ways this week.

So from portraits, to street, to still life and more, I hope you enjoy this weeks top 10. It was a lot of fun to create over this past week.

Daniel Regalado - 10/23/2020


Light Reflect

Reflect your Vote

Shark Boy

The Edge

Pumpkins :)

Walk Home

Pick up your trash…

Kevin and Venus Carlsen - 10/25/2020

Oh and one last note about the last photo. One of my old houses that I used to live in had a little book for people to sign as a little guest log when they visited. I’ve  taken a love to that idea and put a spin on it so that I’ll take a portrait of those that visit. With a special visit from Kevin as he treks back east, this project is just beginning to unfold. :)



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