Where did the Top 10 go?

If you haven’t noticed, my weekly top 10 has taken a bit of a hiatus. Looking back, it’s been almost two months since I last posted in this blog. Does this mean I wasn’t taking any photos? No, anything but! In that time frame there have been a host of activities and growths that have occurred. So, in honor of starting back to the top 10’s here is a Top 10 from this most recent time period in my life.

- My Dad came to Texas and took us on a mini family tour. I got to see San Antonio not as a site of a free day, but as a place of family history and childhoods. Also peacocks… that was a suprise.

A Childhood Home

“I use to sit on that porch and count cars with Grandma”

- I took portraits of half of my Grandparents. There is a wealth of knowledge that comes from elders and I can only hope that the images I took showcase them in their true beauty, character, and wisdom. More on this soon. And now to capture my mom’s side.

Domingo Regalado

Maria Regalado

- I went home to spend time with family and see some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s amazing that even in that time you can still catch up from where you left off.

The House I Grew Up In

Smiles All Around

We Can Make A Film Selfie!

- I went on a two week road trip with my younger brother. It was his brain child. I just provided some destinations and the driving. Not knowing where this was going to go, I am happy with the adventures we had and the laughs we shared before he moved into college. If he is reading this, Jeep Wrangler. 


Also more to come to this album

- I broke my digital camera. But Dan??!? How is this a top moment?!?! Well, it forced me to shoot a lot of film. Slowing me down. Making my shooting more intentional and allowing me more time to be in the moment. This happened in a Canyon in New Mexico and at the time I was visibly frustrated. Reflecting, it was a good lesson. Expensive, but good.

Dear Canyon, Thank you

- I said goodbye to Denton. Goodbyes are probably something I hate the most, and it’s not every goodbye. It’s just the one’s that have uncertainty in them. Will I be back to visit? Yes, that little town is my own little piece of eclectic paradise in a way. What I don’t know is who I may have seen for the last time. And that’s what hurts. 

Final Bike Ride

Denton Square

City Lights

- I said hello to Colorado Springs. Moving is always a challenge. To rebuild your community, find your daily rhythm, all of this is new (especially in Covid times) but there is one thing that hasn’t changed. Me. I still get to control what I do as well as where I explore. So far, there’s lots to love. Just gotta find my people. Also this weather is whack.

Resident Views

I Thought Texas Had Wild Weather

- I became an Elementary Band Director. Of THREE Schools. Kinda reminds me of what it was like for my elementary director. I know I said I was not pursing band full time, but didn’t know that this opportunity to teach two days a week at 3 schools would come about. It’s nice due to it providing stability in fiances as well as giving me much time to keep photographing what I love.

- I brewed a amazing batch of Blueberry Mint Limeade Kombucha. It was something I’ve been trying to get better at, ever since Karl first had me try all those many years ago, and I finally made a batch I’m really satisfied with. Sorry no, picture so uhhh… here is this :)

Again With The Camera Dad….

- I took a break from chaos. By the end of school, I found myself in a world that was hectic and spinning all around me. Covid, uncertainty of not applying for a traditional job, all on top of the move. It was a time that with a mask on of confidence, I was falling apart on the inside over the fear of Adulthood. Turns out, in time, it all works itself out. And truly, I think this will be a good time to just relax and realign myself. As I saw on a facebook post from my favorite professor today, Be where your feet are.

Present Moments

That’s all for now. I will dive into more detail about some of these things in the near future and, well, may even start a youtube channel of sorts? A whole bag of creative ideas in the works. Don’t forget to tell somebody you love them today. Even if it’s your dog.


Dan Regalado

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