Top 10: Week of May 25th, 2020


This week has encompassed many emotions. From protests, small birthday celebrations, to the innocent children running and playing, I have seen a lot in such a short time. One thing is clear, there needs to be change in many ways in this country for we are literally and metaphorically burning. Yet, I also am one that cannot only look at the media everyday. I constantly have to remind myself to take time away and appreciate the smaller joys in life. Family, friends, nature. It is my hope that through these movements we can move to a more just society where everyone can freely experience these little joys without fear. There is a song I heard recently that sums it up for me…

I wanna see, I wanna see the love. That’s all around you. That’s all around you.”

Black Lives Matter

You comin’?

A Friend’s Smile


Spoopy Spider

Child’s Play

Colorado Express

Bath Time

America’s Burning

Stay Safe

Love people. Stay Safe, 

Daniel Regalado

Top 10: Week of May 18th, 2020

Another week, another Top 10. Part of me wonders why I call it a Top 10 since well, that’s just my take and I never know what others may think of them. But I guess that’s why art is created and not designed. 

Anyway, the week had some adventures and also had some really boring days, but as I’m learning more and more there is beauty in everything everywhere. Take a moment and don’t be afraid to take the shot.

Apart not Alone



“May I model for a few bucks?”

Colorado, Austin

“Jay is that a gopher?”

Passin’ By

Quick Cross

“Pour Choices”


Also have you entered the Savoring Life Photo Challenge?  Check out the page for more :)


Daniel Regalado

Top 10: Week of May 11th, 2020

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to view my little gallery this week. It means a lot to me to have viewers and supporters of my work. When I’m a little down in the battle with creating, I find some strength knowing that people are excited to see what I create and document! As always any questions, comments, or anything I would love to hear from you! 

So here is this weeks 10! 


An Evening Break

Laundry Day

Our Streets


Under the Influence

Um… Hello???

Laser Focus

“Tell em’ Steve Nobody says Hi.”

“Our first date was here, she said yes today.”

Using Format